Bags of Help is Tesco’s exciting local community grant scheme funding thousands of local projects across the UK.

We manage this programme for communities in North Wales and help local groups get the green light for funding projects that bring real environmental benefit to their local area. These range from improving outdoor green spaces and community buildings, to buying new equipment, training volunteers and hosting community events.

The difference Ysgol yr Hendre made to their pupils’ well-being is just one example of how the scheme transformed local communities.

Ysgol Yr Hendre

Ysgol Yr Hendre

Ysgol yr Hendre in Caernarfon turned a large area of wasteland into an allotment and wildlife garden thanks to the funding from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme. The school created an amazing wildlife garden with nectar borders for bees and butterflies, an outdoor study area and a meadow with apple trees. The children were able to go outside and learn lots of new skills that the classroom can't teach.

Ysgol yr Hendre Head Teacher said, "The children are much better behaved inside the classroom after a session outside. It's about engaging the pupils in a worthwhile project that links to most subjects we teach in school."

“This area gives us an excellent resource to support our teaching and it is valuable for the pupils to experience bird song and insect life and understand that peas don’t come from the supermarket freezer!”


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